We create those works for ourselves and our friends, and if the public enjoys it, that is only a bonus. - Christo  

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Each Turner Troxell residential project is energized by our passion for creating spaces that respond to the way people want to live; spaces that bring happiness, fulfillment and a sense of pride. That attitude shapes our planning approach and the design character of each assignment, ultimately reflecting your unique personality.

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Briggs Residence

Stoneleigh Community, Baltimore County

For the Briggs family, their home is a place of warmth, a place for family. They needed more living space, and wanted it to connect smoothly with the patio and landscaping to "invite the outdoors in".

Matching historic detailing both inside and out, the Turner Troxell team created a home addition unlike anything the family had imagined. The resulting 'sunroom without being a sunroom' is now a space where the outdoors is invited into their home sunlight spilling in, and open spaces perfectly connecting new to old and inside to outside.