We create those works for ourselves and our friends, and if the public enjoys it, that is only a bonus. - Christo  

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Each Turner Troxell residential project is energized by our passion for creating spaces that respond to the way people want to live; spaces that bring happiness, fulfillment and a sense of pride. That attitude shapes our planning approach and the design character of each assignment, ultimately reflecting your unique personality.

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Cootauco Residence

Hampton Community, Baltimore County

For the Cootauco family, an entirely new home was envisioned. From start to finish, this complete home refitting and expansion exceeded expectations.

With a focused eye for design flow and consistency, the Turner Troxell design process resulted in a dramatic new home featuring double the space, improved exterior aesthetics, a two story entry and staircase, deluxe master suite and bath, and a dining room and kitchen perfect for entertaining. The result an energetic home that matches its family.