We create those works for ourselves and our friends, and if the public enjoys it, that is only a bonus. - Christo  

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Each Turner Troxell residential project is energized by our passion for creating spaces that respond to the way people want to live; spaces that bring happiness, fulfillment and a sense of pride. That attitude shapes our planning approach and the design character of each assignment, ultimately reflecting your unique personality.

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Gaylor Residence

West Towson Community, Baltimore County

A place to relax, chat with neighbors, and invite conversation this was the vision for the new covered front porch on the Gaylor's home. Investing time with family and friends is central to Gaylor home life. But they also wanted to open up old smaller rooms, and create a home that would naturally "flow".

An extensive renovation and the construction of a two-story addition has added a new energy and character to this home. By adding additional open space, a sun-filled back deck and an airy, inviting front porch the Turner Troxell team provided this family with a home, newly built for welcoming company and creating community and best of all, the work was phased to allow the family to continue with their lives throughout the construction process.