We create those works for ourselves and our friends, and if the public enjoys it, that is only a bonus. - Christo  

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Each Turner Troxell residential project is energized by our passion for creating spaces that respond to the way people want to live; spaces that bring happiness, fulfillment and a sense of pride. That attitude shapes our planning approach and the design character of each assignment, ultimately reflecting your unique personality.

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Sulkowski Residence

Stoneleigh Community, Baltimore County

The Sulkowski family was growing. With mom and dad, three children, and a baby on the way the construction schedule needed to be pushed along, and precise. The family wanted to stay in the home during the entire construction process, with a completion date prior to the arrival of their newest addition. All the while, wanting to update and open up the interior of their home and build new space.

Turner Troxell met their schedule, allowing the family to welcome their new child with an additional bedroom and bathroom, a larger, updated kitchen space, an expanded living area and a private rooftop deck off the master suite. It was important to keep the historic character of the house which was accomplished.